Summer Rafting Trip

Wilma Chestnut-House

I want to be the first to thank LHB (Lighthouse for the Blind) for their generous donation. It assisted us with our float trip in June and the leftover will assist us in our camping at Stone Tower Ranch in September. We had plenty of food, fun, and lasting camaraderie. In having all that fun, I was the first one to get “baptized”, but not the lone ranger. Four more went in the water right after me while they were laughing. We have plans for a different location next year!


Kristy Freeman & Bob Selby

Thank you to the Lighthouse For The Blind for the donation for us to go on our recent float trip as part of the sports and recreation group that Miss Wilma Chestnut-House is in charge of. We really appreciate your donation and we had a great time of fun and fellowship. We had lots of great adventures along our journey down the river and got to know each other a little better through our shared experiences and stories over mealtimes and sharing cabins together. We walk away with some very fond memories and some new friends from this awesome experience, thanks to your generosity.

Troy Cleveland

I give a big thank you to the lighthouse for their donation to Mrs. Wilma for the float trip. I had a great time.

Jenny Cleveland

Hello, I would like to thank the lighthouse for the donation that they provided for the float trip this year. It was my first time on a float trip and I had a blast.

To the generous people at the Lighthouse for the Blind, thank you for your donation.

My name is Kay Malmquist and I would like to thank you for your generous donation so that we could spend a weekend getting to know new people and going on a float trip down the Merrimack River. The weekend was a lot of fun and the float trip was a blast. If you could have seen some of the hilarious things that happened on that trip you would have been laughing right along with us. I appreciate your financial help and the memories you helped to make. Thanks ever so much.Kay Malmquist

Kim Reese

I personally would like to thank lighthouse for The Blind. We had a fantastic time on the float trip. It was so enjoyable. Wilma did a great job organizing, cooking and putting it all together. We could not have done this without your help, it is much appreciated. I look forward to the other Sports and Recreation that Wilma has planned for all of us.

Sincerely, Kim Reese

Johanna Jeremiah

I would like to say thank you for the support of the MCB sports and Recreation program. This program allows visually impaired people to come together and socialize while having a new or rare experience that would not usually be easily accessible to many people. I had a very nice time socializing and very much enjoyed the raft trip down the Merrimac river. It will be a cherished memory for years to come and I plan to attend the campout again this year in September. We had such a wonderful time last year we have added another day as we had so many activities that it was difficult to participate in all of them. It is great to make new friends from other areas of Missouri. Thank you again for donating to this program and I hope you will consider this program in the future.
Sincerely, Johanna Jeremiah

Terry Nord

We went floating down the Merrimack in the month of June, we went 6 miles before we came back on that afternoon. They were folks to greet. We had food to eat as we made our way, you could take your time and clear your mind on that wonderful day. The funds we’ve been given deserve a gold ribbon to allow us our day in the sun, will be back next year to that have no fear so that we can have more fun.