Special Services

Our Special Services Program assists MCB members and other legally blind Missourians. This program will assist with a utility payment or other emergency need.
Amended October 13, 2011
I. The Purpose
The purpose of the Special Services Program is to provide financial assistance to members of the Missouri Council of the Blind (MCB) and other legally blind citizens of Missouri who demonstrate a financial crisis in the area of social need. Health-related needs, educational needs and adaptive technology needs are covered under their respective program area.
The MCB Special Services Program assists all visually impaired Missourians. Grants may be considered to aid in unexpected expenses for everyday necessities vital for survival and well-being..
II. Who is Eligible?
A. MCB members All MCB members (blind and sighted) are eligible to apply.
B. Non-members legally blind citizens of Missouri who are not members of MCB may apply. Non-members are required to submit verification of blindness (letter on official letterhead from doctor, state or private agency).
III. How Do I Apply?
A. The Application
The application may be obtained from the MCB office by phoning (314) 832-7172 or toll free (800) 342-5632; or by e-mailing: aa@moblind.org; or by writing to:
Missouri Council of the Blind
5453 Chippewa Street
St. Louis, MO 63109.
B. Supporting Documents
Any supporting documents such as letters, bills, statements or price quotes that will aid the Committee in processing your request should accompany your application. Please provide proof of all sources of income. A signed release of information form gives the Committee permission to verify your information with the provider/business for whom you are seeking payment.
C. Application and Supporting Documents
The application and supporting documents shall be sent to:
Missouri Council of the Blind
5453 Chippewa Street
St. Louis, MO 63109.
IV. Grants
A. Amount of Grants
The Special Services Committee has the authority to approve the maximum amount currently considered according to the economic ability of MCB.
B. How Can a Grant Be Used?
An application for a grant should demonstrate financial need and a temporary crisis.
C. How Often Can I Apply?
Grants are limited to one per household within a three-year period.
D. To Whom Are Grants Made Payable?
When possible, grants are made payable to the third party.
E. If My Application Is Denied.
If your grant request is denied, you may file a written appeal with the MCB Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The chairperson of the Special Services Committee will notify you in writing of the Board’s decision.
F. Membership
Members of the Missouri Council of the Blind shall receive the full benefits of the Special Services Program as set forth by the Special Services Committee. Those who are not members of the Missouri Council of the Blind shall receive 50% of these benefits offered by the Special Services Program.
To apply for membership in MCB you may go to: http://moblind.org/forms/MembershipForm.doc or call the MCB office at (314) 832-7172 and request a membership application.
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Special Services Application
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