Missouri Council of the Blind offers six programs to benefit visually impaired Missourians. The purpose of these programs is to enhance the quality of life for blind and visually impaired individuals.

Adaptive Technology Grants

Our Adaptive Technology Grants Program provides assistance to individuals wishing to purchase adaptive hardware and software which make it possible for them to use computers etc. Adaptive hardware and software are very expensive when compared to “off the shelf” computers and programs. We believe that it is important for legally blind people to have this opportunity in order to compete on a level playing field with those who are sighted. Applicants for this program are required to pay at least 50% of the cost of the adaptive software and equipment and MCB, if application is approved, pays the remaining portion


Our Scholarship Program is available to any legally blind Missourian pursuing a full time course of study at the college and graduate levels. Visually-impaired students have added expenses because of the nature of their disability.

Summer Camp

The MCB Summer Camp Program is a very popular one which provides socialization and fun opportunities to legally blind Missourians at Cobble Stone Lodge. Opportunities for canoeing, swimming, doing crafts and participating in a talent show are a few of the possibilities campers may choose from or simply just to relax and enjoy the company of long time and new friends. Attendees are required to pay a small portion of the cost to attend. There are two one week sessions in June and July, and one extended weekend in September.

Youth Services

Our Youth Services Committee works with children who are in need of talking watches, white canes, low vision aids, and providing transportation for mainstreamed children to participate in activities with other legally blind youth nationally. Occasionally, we have provided assistance with the purchase of braille notetakers for mainstreamed children.

Special Services and
Health Benefits

Our Special Services and Health Benefits Programs assist MCB members and other legally blind Missourians who are in need of emergency help with large item purchases such as a refrigerator, replacement of a furnace or replacement of a roof. The Health Benefits Program provides a minimal amount of assistance to members of the Missouri Council and other legally blind Missourians who have experienced an accident or illness.
The MCB welcomes donations earmarked for any of our programs or general contributions toward the work of our organization; just let us know in the comment box.