Youth Services

Through the Youth Services Program, the Missouri Council of the Blind assists youth, parents, guardians and teachers by helping children who are legally blind through their senior year in High school.

  • The committee does this by providing information and purchasing educational items to give equal opportunity to each participant.
  • Items must be adapted for legally blind children.
  • A Youth Service application must be filled out and all questions answered.
  • An application must be filled out for each applicant.
  • The application shall then be sent to the Missouri Council of the Blind office.
  • The pertinent information shall then be sent to the Youth Services committee for their consideration.
  • An applicant may not receive grants for more than $225.00 per year.
  • The Chair shall seek out the lowest price for items to be purchased.
  • Purchases shall be paid by a Missouri Council of the Blind check payable to the vendors.  The check shall then be mailed to the applicant, who shall mail the check and any additional money to the vendor.
  • An eye report from a doctor or from an organization such as the St. Louis Society for the Blind or Delta Gamma must be attached to the application.
  • If your application is denied, you may file a written appeal with the MCB Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The Chair of the Youth Services Committee will notify you in writing of the Board’s decision.
  • The Youth Services Committee shall consist of a Chair and two other members approved by the President.
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