How to file an FTA complaint

Who May File a Complaint
Anyone who feels their civil rights have been violated by a transit company.

How to File
File a complaint by completing the FTA Online Civil Rights Complaint Form. Please upload any documents that support your allegations, including any relevant correspondence with your transit provider, photos, etc.

FTA Office of Civil Rights. Complaints should be filed within 180 days of the alleged violation.

If you have questions on how to prepare a complaint, please contact our toll-free civil rights hotline at (888) 446-4511.

What to Expect from FTA’s Complaint Process
FTA strives to process complaints promptly. At the conclusion of our review of your allegations, you will receive a response. We do not represent individual complainants; our role is to ensure FTA funding recipients are in compliance with Title VI, EEO, DBE and ADA requirements. In the FTA complaint investigation process, we analyze allegations for possible deficiencies by the transit provider. If deficiencies are identified, we work with the transit provider to correct the deficiencies within a predetermined time frame.

Filing a Local Complaint
We encourage individuals to first file a complaint directly with their transit provider to give the transit provider an opportunity to resolve the situation. FTA recipients are required under the ADA, Title VI, and EEO to have local complaint procedures.