Victor Reader Stream 3 is finally here!

man holding Victor Reader Stream 3 The new generation of the Victor Reader Stream has arrived! Your favorite book reader is even more powerful. Bluetooth technology, more storage, USB-C port… And the list of improvements is even longer!

About the new features…

You asked, and we listened! These new features will make your Victor Reader Stream experience even more enjoyable.


Thanks to the Bluetooth capability, you can now connect the Victor Reader to wireless speakers, headphones, or hearing aids (when compatible).

USB-C connector

The USB-C port also makes it easier for you to plug in your charging cable!

MTP file transfer and usable internal memory

The Stream has 16 gigs (about 13 usable) of internal memory. You can connect it to your computer, recognizing it as a device and allowing you to place files in the internal memory or an SD card. This way, you can place files on the device without having to use an SD card!

Increased SD card support

Speaking of SD cards, you will now be able to use cards up to 1TB in the Victor Reader Stream. That’s a lot of media content!

Longer battery life

The Victor Reader Stream 3 has an internal battery that lasts for over 15 hours. Most people will be able to go a few days between charges!

Better speaker

The sound quality is also improved with a new speaker. We can’t wait for you to try it out!

Revamped menus

The settings menu has been revamped for easier navigation. Use the key 4 and 6 to navigate between the different options, and the Confirm key to access a submenu. No more pressing the key 7 repeatedly!

Revamped tactile interface

We have also made some improvements to the user interface. But don’t worry, if you’re a long-time Victor Reader user, you’ll find yourself in familiar territory.

It’s not over yet!

Over time, additional features will be added to Stream 3. Stay tuned! For more information about the new version of the Victor Reader Stream, please visit