Otella Robeson Camp Grant Guidelines 2023

The Estate of Otella Robeson has designated finances to go toward providing grants for MCB members to attend summer camp.  The grant will cover the cost of the week-long camp of $100.00 or the cost of the extended weekend of $75.00.  

An individual wishing to apply for the grant must be an MCB member and not have attended the summer camp within the past three (3) years.  A completed application for the week-long camp grant must be sent to the office by May 1.  The extended weekend camp grant application must be sent to the office by August 1.  Both grant applications must be accompanied by the regular camp application.  

The MCB Executive Board along with the chairperson of the summer camp program will make the final decision of who will receive the grant.
Adopted and approved by MCB Board 1/25/2018