Abapita, The Trouble With Tube

Abapita, The Trouble With Tubes

By DeAnna (Quietwater) Noriega

The trouble with tubes, is that although they may vary in size and occasionally have different caps, the shape is basically the same regardless of their contents. This fact was brought home to me with a vengeance early one morning. The minty substance on my toothbrush was definitely not Crest! The brush was a total loss, since that deep penetrating heat so lauded by the manufacturers of Bengay just wouldn’t wash off.

When I confessed my error to a friend, she laughingly confided that she had once anointed her toothbrush with contraceptive jelly. Two sighted friends shared their beauty ritual disasters. Both were operating in dim lighting with no mirrors, sound familiar? One friend rubbed blue eye shadow into her crow’s feet instead of wrinkle cream. The other woman used a roll of makeup cover stick for deodorant. Realizing that it could happen to anyone in the right conditions helped.

Okay, so what can you do with that medicine cabinet full of look alike tubes? I now mark my toothpaste by rolling up the end and securing it with a clip, the kind you use to secure papers together. A strip of masking tape, or rubber band might be used for other substances. Yarn, string, differently shaped stickers, bobby pins etc. can also be useful markers. If you don’t share space with someone who doesn’t put things back in the right places, you can arrange things in a particular order. Being better organized than most sighted people is just one of those things we have to cultivate, abapita!