MCB Awards

MCB honors its members through the Ellis M. Forshee Award, the Nathaniel Johnson Award, the Darrell Lauer Award, the ACB Lifetime Membership Award, the Member of the Year Award, and the President’s Award. MCB also honors professionals, educators, and organizations through the Ellis M. Forshee Award, the Community Service Award, the Excellence in Media Award, and the Governor’s Award.
To make a nomination for one of these prestigious awards, contact the President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer. Presentation of these awards are given at the Awards Banquet during the annual MCB Convention.
This award acknowledges exceptional achievement, contribution, and service working with the legally blind or with legislation for the legally blind on the state or national level.
Past recipients include:
1958: Congressman Tom Curtis
1960: Congressman Frank Karsten
1961: Proctor Carter
1966: Rep. Charlie Bauer
1967: Arthur and Viola Stewart
1968: Adeline Rhuenzi
1969: McDonnell-Douglas Corp.
1970: Rep. James Conway
1971: Victor and Xena Johnson
1973: Gerber Wrought Iron Co.
1974: Jack and Alma Murphy
1975: Joseph Stokes
1977: Robert Leighninger
1978: Assunta and Fred Lilley
1979: George Lantz
1980: R. D. “Pete” Rogers
1981: James Habel
1982: Roy and Shirley Specht
1983: Bill Benson
1984: Ed and Louise Rieman
1986: Caroline Manakea
1987: Carl Mack
1989: John Evans
1990: Laura and Aubrey Welle
1991: Lucille Fierce
1992: Tom Culliton
1993: Georgetta Patterson
1994: Father Boni Wittenbrink
1995: Marie Kelley
1996: Zada Albee
1997: Ida Scotti
1998: Sen. Harold Caskey and Rep. Bill Boucher
1999: Ken and Teddi Emmons
2000: Diane Golden
2001: Jim Tusher
2002: Dennis Miller
2003: Bill Haygood
2004: Beverly Armstrong
2005: Fred Gissoni
2006: Rep. Rachel Storch
2007: SLU Law Clinic and Tom Kennedy Law Offices
2008: Carson Elliff, Attorney at Law
2009: Representative Jeff Grisamore
2010: Marty Exline
2011: Stephanie Brady
2012: Senator Jason Crowell and Senator Jim Lembke
2013: (not given)
2014: Leroy Welch
2015: (not given)
2016: Mary Hale
2017: (not given)
This award acknowledges a member of MCB recognized for outstanding work in their community, affiliate, or for the organization. Originally named the Federationist of the Year Award when it began in 1971, it was later renamed to the Nathaniel Johnson Award in 1984.
Past recipients include:
1971: Majella Rigdon and Eleanor Shain
1973: Laura Welle
1974: Robert Leighninger
1977: Don and Betty Clarkson
1978: Wenona Sucher
1979: Ed and Louise Rieman
1982: Fred and Assunta Lilley
1983: Beverly Haase
1984: Nathaniel Johnson
1985: Glen Carmack
1986: Francis and Dorothy Moranville
1987: Edward Lanser
1988: Eugene Edwards
1989: Bill Longinotti
1990: Liesa Wasson
1991: Shirley Brokaw
1992: Eujean Dody
1993: Don and Beverly Shockley
1994: Carolyn Anderson
1995: Roy and Edna Freeman
1996: Jenny Echos
1997: Harvey House
1998: Gene Weathers
1999: Michael Keller
2000: John Weidlich
2001: Leroy Welch
2002: Marie Thompson
2003: Letha Dangerfield
2004: Maryan Harrison
2005: Phyllis Lovett
2006: Celita White
2007: Ted Jeffers
2008: Eldon Cox
2009: Linda Hailey
2010: Charles Johnson
2011: (not given)
2012: William and Tracey Hawkins
2013: Harold Poiry
2014: Virgil McCoy
2015: Paul Mathews
2016: Carl Franklin
2017: Yvonne Schnitzler
This award is given in recognition of outstanding and exceptional leadership in MCB and in the community.
Past recipients include:
2004: Edna and Roy Freeman
2005: (not given)
2006: Chip Hailey
2007: Kathey Wheeler
2008: Linda Gerken and James Hollins
2009: (not given)
2010: (not given)
2011: (not given)
2012: Chip Hailey
2013: Brenda Gardner
2014: (not given)
2015: (not given)
2016: (not given)
2017: (not given)
This award acknowledges extraordinary personal service to the President or to MCB.
Past recipients include:
1997: Charles Smith
1998: Paul Mathews
1999: Linda Burris
2000: Donna Giger
2001: Celita White
2002: Nancy Hodson
2003: Brandi Emmons
2004: Tom and Sharon Armstrong
2005: Yvonne Schnitzler
2006: Wanda Lentz
2007: Danny Wheeler
2008: Christina Coyle
2009: Virginia Berberick
2010: Jennifer Parker
2011: Michael Keller
2012: Darren Bone
2013: Jesuita Tabor
2014: Chip Hailey
2015: (not given)
2016: Jesuita Tabor & Charles Johnson
2017: Allan Newsham
Past recipients include:
1994: Darrell Lauer
1995: Edna Freeman
1996: Shirley Brokaw
1997: Carl Mack
1998: Beryl Masters
1999: Ken Emmons
2000: Lucille Fierce
2001: (not given)
2002: Chip Hailey
2003: Bessie Reece
2004: Jerry Annunzio
2005: Bill Burris
2006: Donna Giger
2007: Leroy Welch
2008: Linda Burris
2009: Mildred Taylor
2010: (not given)
2011: Loretta Welch and Ida Scotti
2012: William Hawkins
2013: (not given)
2014: Eldon Cox
2015: (not given)
2016: (not given)
2017: (not given)
Past recipients include:
2010: Richard Kolasch
2011: Celita White
2012: Louise Lathrop
2014: Linda Dawes
2015: Ida Scotti
2016: Gretchen Maun
2017: Not Given
This award acknowledges an organization for providing cross disability services that enable individuals to become more integrated into society through participating in activities within their community.
Past recipients include:
2016: The Blind Assistance Office
2017: The Holiday Inn, Kansas City
Past recipients include:
2012: Charlie Brennan
2017: Minds Eye Radio
Past recipients include: