May 2014 Member of the Month

June 3, 2014

MCB News Wire

Marilyn Harding of Blind of Central Missouri has been chosen Member of the Month for May. Marilyn is a very active member of her community and the Blind of Central Missouri. We sincerely thank you Marilyn for your thoughtfulness and for the generous giving of your time and energy to the many projects of your affiliate and community. You are well deserving of this award.

Following is Marilyn's nomination letter.

We would like to nominate Marilyn Harding from Warrensburg as Member of the Month. Marilyn became a member of the Blind of Central Missouri in 2007. She was forced to retire at that time. She had been a Hospice Nurse. One of the first things she did was to donate a quilt she had made for a raffle.

Marilyn has become very active in our club. She serves as secretary, a representative on Education and Welfare and the Johnson County United Way. She is an active member of her church and a volunteer for the Red Cross and for other projects around the Warrensburg area.

For many years, Marilyn has travelled to Jefferson City calling on our Congressmen. Her Senator knows her by name. I would say she has made a real good impression on him. She has attended several meetings with the United Way hoping to receive funding for our club. We are so thankful to have Marilyn as a member and hope you find her worthy of this honor.

Joe Morgan
President, Blind of Central MO