March 2014 Member of the Month

April 8, 2014

MCB News Wire

The Member of the Month for March is Linda Dawes from the Lake Stockton Council of the Blind. Thank you Linda for your service and commitment to helping the council grow by assisting to recruit new members and for your time and energy spent organizing and working fundraisers to help the organization financially.

Following is Linda 's nomination letter.

I am entering the name of Linda Dawes for the Member of the Month Award. She was secretary and held other offices for the Lake Stockton Council. Linda has been very active in organizing fund raisers and other club activities. She always did a tremendous job and spent hours putting together the auction Lake Stockton Council held each year. You could always find Linda selling nuts at convention. She was also responsible for setting up the MCB informational meeting to promote and recruit new members for her affiliate. Linda became involved with the affiliate through her mother, Jean Dody. She is very deserving of this prestigious award. Thank you for considering her.

Nominated by Loretta Welch