April 2014 Member of the Month

May 8, 2014

MCB News Wire

Appreciation and thanks is sent to Marsha Martin, United Workers for the Blind, April's Member of the Month. MCB thanks you for the time and effort you expend assisting and enriching the lives of the blind community. Thanks to Brian Hallows for recommending Marsha for this special honor. Marsha's nomination letter follows.

I would like to nominate Marsha Martin from UWB for Member of the Month. Marsha and her husband Robert have not been members very long but since joining UWB Marsha has certainly made her presents felt. She is always there to assist during meetings where ever necessary. Her work goes above just helping though. Marsha has volunteered for several projects to help UWB in their mission to assist and enrich the lives of the blind community. But Marsha's work does not stop there.

In March, the First Annual Americas Guide Dog Conference was held in Saint Louis. From registration on, Marsha was there to assist in any way possible with the conference. It takes a lot of very special people to put such an undertaking together and Marsha truly did the work of five of those individuals. Whenever help was needed Marsha seemed to be there. People like Marsha are not looking for recognition but in this case I truly feel it is deserved.

Thank you,

Brian L. Hallows, UWB