MCB Joins Hands With Other Disability Groups

March 17, 2014

MCB News Wire

Denny Huff


Monday, March 17, 2014


Contact: Denny Huff, Public Relations Chair, 636-262-1383,

The Missouri Council of the Blind, Missouri's largest consumer group for the blind will be joining together with other disability groups through-out Missouri for a rally at the state capital in Jefferson City on Wednesday, April 2nd.  In previous years MCB has visited the legislators on their own earlier in the year to take positions on various legislation that affects the blind.  This year however, they will be joining together with other disability groups to show support for all legislation that affects all disability groups.  

"When legislation is passed that affects one disability group it eventually affects all of us," said Denny Huff, Legislative  Director for the Council. "Other disability groups have supported the blind in the past and we want to show support for them this year in the same way."

The rally which is sponsored by the Missouri Developmental Disability Council will be held at Noon on April 2nd. In the rotunda of the state capital.  The rally cry this year is, Building a Strong Foundation for the Future.  The guest emcee will be Colleen Starkloff, co-founder of the Starkloff Disability Institute.  The rally will focus on living independently, and achieving self-support.

This is the 13th annual rally, sponsored by a coalition of disability-related organizations and individual advocates, and is co-chaired by Andrew Lackey (800-500-7878) and Becky Dickey. People will begin arriving around 10:30 A.M. for the noon event.

After the rally the participants will have the opportunity to visit their legislators and speak to them about legislation that concerns the disabled. For photo or interview, contact:

Denny Huff - Public Relations Director
5453 Chippewa
St. Louis, MO  63109

for press packets at the event, contact our media liaison, Mark Satterwhite (573-228-0318),