September 2012 Member of the Month

October 3, 2012

MCB News Wire

Loretta Welch has been a devoted and valued member of MCB for 30 years. She
was a Charter Member of West Central Workers of the Blind. That affiliate
became County Line Council of which she was a Charter Member until it
dissolved. Loretta has been a Member-At-Large for five years.

Loretta was secretary for West Central Workers and County Line Council of the Blind, as well as, secretary for Library Users. During convention time, you can find Loretta in the Craft Room where she is a co-sponsor. She has attended at least 22 American Council of the Blind Conventions.

Loretta is very supportive of her husband, Leroy, as he has held MCB positions of Public Relations Director and Board Director. She has attended all board meetings. She has attended Leghislative Days, Children's Conferences and Power-Up. She has attended events hosted by local affiliates such as the White Cane Walk and Lake Stockton Area's birthday celebration.