St. Louis Firing Squad hosts 1st Annual National Beepbal Regional Tournament

March 19, 2012

MCB News Wire

The St. Louis Firing Squad will be hosting their 1st Annual National Beepbal Regional Tournament on June 22 through June 24 at the Concordia Seminary Athletic Fields in St. Louis.  Refreshments and Souvenirs will be sold. Bring a lawn chair and have a fun time! MCB will have a booth.

The National Beep Ball Association began in 1975. The STL Firing Squad has been in existence since 2008. The team consists of six players, one pitcher, one back catcher, and two spotters. The six players are blind folded whether they are at bat or in the field. Our pitcher pitches for us and he has to know each players batting style. The pitcher is a very important part of the game. The job of the spotters is to get us out to the field and put us in our right positions. The spotters assist the players by calling their number when the ball is hit in their direction. They also prevent possible collisions and assist us off the field. We only use two bases-first base and third base. The bases buzz. After hitting the ball, either the first base buzzes or the third base buzzes. If you make it to the buzzing base before the fielder gets control of the ball it is a home run. If the fielder gets control first, you are out. The softball makes a beeping sound used mainly for the fielders to locate the ball when hit. You get four strikes, one ball, the usual three strike per inning, and six innings. We are the first team in St. Louis to be registered with the N.B.B.A. Our team members come from all walks of life and our ages range widely. We compete in regional competition at least three times a year. Our regionals have been held in Cleveland, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Wichita. As in the ABL and NBL, there is a World Series held. The goal of the STL Firing Squad is to play in the World Series and win that big diamond ring.