Governor meets with Blind Missourians

March 13, 2012

MCB News Wire

Chris Gray - MCB Executive Director

Governor Jay Nixon met with approximately 100 blind Missouri residents at the Services for Independent Living located at 1401 Hathman Place, in Columbia. He spoke out strongly asking Missouri's House of Representatives to restore Medicaid cuts for needy blind residents of Missouri. He emphasized that these cuts, though made to support higher education, were not requested by higher education. He also emphasized that no Missouri citizen should have to make the kinds of choices that blind people would be forced to make if these medical cuts are enacted.

The Missouri Council of the Blind believes that well over 2,000 blind Missourians would be left with no health coverage should these cuts be enacted. we further believe that most beneficiaries who would lose their benefits will be ineligible for other medical insurance due to blindness and additional disabilities.

The Missouri Council of the Blind has prepared a special recording of this event. Click this link to hear the recording of the event.