March 2011 Member of the Month

April 5, 2011

MCB News Wire

Gregg Hollins, Allied Workers for the Blind, has been chosen Member of the Month for March, nominated by Shirley Brokaw. Congratulations Gregg and thanks for all you do for your community, your affiliate, MCB and ACB.

Dear Member of the Month Committee,

I would like to place the name of Gregg Hollins for the Committee to consider for member of the month.

Gregg has always been thoughtful, fun seeking, annoying and aware of people's concerns. He attended Children's Center for the Visually Impaired (ccvi) for one year, then for six years Border Star after that he attended Bingham junior high, his last four years of school was spent at Southwest.

Gregg attended DeVry University in Kansas City where he received his degree in business and technology, Gregg also was an employee at Alphapointe Association for the Blind.

Gregg was one of the young persons from Missouri that had the opportunity to attend the American Council of the Blind in the early 80's. Since that time Gregg has paid forward, by becoming very involved in his local Affiliate AWB. He held many offices including President. Gregg has always been fair to members making sure they are clear on what is being discussed. If Gregg needs advice, he doesn't hesitate seeking out answers.

Gregg currently serves as a director on the Missouri Council of the blind.  He has attended state & National conventions, and noticed that a real need for a social group could be useful to newly blinded persons, seniors, and individuals wanting to socialize.

In October 2010 Gregg became President of an organization Social Outreach Council; he worked tirelessly on the bylaws, membership, and officers.  SOC was very successful with the first function held in Jefferson City, Mo at the Capital Plaza Hotel. Gregg has worked on a Chat line for those that would like to call in and talk, about finances, children, traveling, cooking, and numerous other subjects.

Gregg in his spare time has managed to be a coach in little league football, assisting many persons with computer questions, and involved with several individuals that needed assistance with Social Security matters.

When you are attending the state convention, or the national convention, you should walk up to him and ask him what he is up to? I feel confident he will tell you about six feet. Gregg always has time to chat, and a great sense of humor.

Shirley Brokaw