Executive Director Job Announcement

February 16, 2011

MCB News Wire

Job Announcement

Title: Executive Director
Location: 5453 Chippewa, St. Louis, Missouri
Annual Salary: $40,000 to $50,000
Reports To: President

The Executive Director shall be the chief executive officer of the MCB and work under the direction of the President.

Duties of the Position

  • The Executive Director shall direct, evaluate, and set terms for employment of all staff persons according to the personnel policies established by the Board of Directors.
  • The Executive Director shall provide staff support for all MCB committees, Board meetings, and Conventions, as directed by the MCB.
  • He or She shall supervise the Office operations of MCB and insure that the office operates efficiently and courteously.
  • He or she shall provide information and referral services concerning blindness issues to MCB members and the general public.
  • The Executive Director shall advocate on behalf of individuals who experience discrimination or are denied services for which they are in need and eligible unless otherwise directed by the President.
  • He or she shall support the legislative and public policy goals of the MCB that are approved by the Board of Directors, providing staff assistance to appropriate Board committees.
  • At the pleasure of the President the Executive Director shall represent MCB at public policy meetings and public relations functions.
  • The executive Director shall prepare an annual budget for the MCB office for approval by the board, prepare periodic financial reports for the Board of Directors, and collaborate with the President and the MCB Treasurer to secure a regular audit of MCB accounts. 
  • The Executive Director shall provide staff support for the President to recruit new members, build local affiliates, and develop community outreach programs. 
  • The Executive Director shall attend all meetings of the Board, all MCB state conventions and the National convention of the ACB.
  • Give reports at Board meetings and state conventions.
  • Hire office staff with the approval of the MCB board.
  • The Executive Director shall carry out all directives of the President as requested.   

Qualifications of the Executive Director

The position of Executive Director requires the incumbent to be highly professional.  It requires excellent communication skills, proven leadership, and a clear understanding of the appropriate roles of the Executive Director and the Board of Directors in a membership organization.  The Executive Director must have demonstrated experience in the management of a staff, financial accountability, and an open and transparent communications style. 

The Executive Director shall have experience in working with persons who are blind or visually impaired, issues which affect these persons, and the alternative techniques which they use to live independently.  The Executive Director shall have experience as an advocate and public spokesperson for Persons who are blind or visually impaired. 

The Executive Director shall hold a Bachelors degree.  He or she must have at least three years of professional employment, which is directly relevant to the requirements of this position.  However, relevant education or volunteer experience may be substituted for employment experience.  The Executive Director shall have the willingness to travel in fulfilling the requirements of the position.  The Executive Director shall be a person of strong character and exhibit personal habits of a quality capable of representing the MCB with competence and honor. 

To apply please send resume, references and cover letter to:


Application process open until position is filled.

For more information please call: 888-362-1383