December 2010 Member of the Month

January 5, 2011

MCB News Wire

Member of the Month Committee

Congratulations to Terrica Sanders, Blind of Central Missouri, chosen as December's Member of the Month, nominated by the Blind of Central Missouri. It is great to be able to honor someone like Terrica who has been so involved throughout her life with MCB and has done so much for our organization. Following is Terrica's nomination letter.

I would like to submit the name of Terrica Sanders for Member of the Month. Terrica has been a member of Blind of Central Missouri for the last 18 years. She helped for about 4 years before that because she wasn't 18 yet. She has worked on several committees. Terrica has been in charge of Christmas gifts. She was the one who worked with the Salvation Armey to get the Sedalia room for convention. Having a room to go get something to drink or something to eat was Terrica's idea. Terrica has also done the goody bags this year and 4 years ago when Blind of Cental Missouri hosted the convention. She is always ready to help someone find where they are going at convention. Terrica is also the one who dreamed up Kids Club. It was her idea that if we want younger people to become active they are also the ones who have small children. Kids Club has been growing the last 4 years. At our monthy meeting she helps with refreshments and takes the children to another room to play if needed.

In Hughesville, Terrica is a Sunday School Teacher and helps with Bible School. She also plans the parties for the kids at church. She has worked on the Christmas parade, house lighting contest, fire department fish fry, Halloween costume judging, and a room mother at school for the last 6 years.

As you can see Terrica is willing to help whether it is for church, school, town related, or the blind. We think Terrica Sanders should be a Member of the Month.

Submitted by Blind of Central Missouri