Announcement of Candidacy for MGDU President - Terrie Arnold

October 2, 2010

MCB News Wire

by Terrie Arnold

Hello guide dog users and supporters! I am Terrie Arnold and I am running for office in the Missouri Guide Dog Group. To my credit I have been along time guide dog user, and currently, I have three dogs. My Dog Guide is a six-year-old Boxer by the name of Jared, who is a fantastic dog Guide. We have been traveling successfully to many an occasion, event or just for walking around our neighborhood?

I have been an active member of the following: Guide Dog User Incorporated, American Council for the Blind, and the treasurer of the past (Heartland Guide Dog group!) My current strengths are being involved with The Wolfner Advisory Board; past Director of American Council for the Blind library Board, and being an advocate for The Women's Concern's Committee! I would like to work with the City government as well as the State to support any Guide Dog teams and the laws that protect them. If elected for this position , I shall take pride in making sure that the laws designed for Guide Dog owners within the state as well as nationally with ACB are understood, and followed Accurately. I would reinforce our Guide Dog laws within our state; making sure that the rules are clearly defined and followed in all public and private arenas!

I am a member with Allied Workers for the Blind; My volunteer activities include the following: volunteering with Union Station; Salvation Army Seeing Help, in Independence; volunteering with Host Lions Club in Independence; volunteering as a fund raiser for the National Women's Jewish Council for the blind luncheons; I also enjoy volunteering with The Youth Group within my church! If elected, I would most enjoy meeting with other representatives in ACB and reaffirm Guide Dog team's rights in other cities too. In addition, I would like to suggest a possible schedule change of our yearly meeting being held every six months to discuss problems that may be happening in our day-to-day lives? I would love to see all of you at our election on Friday the fifteenth of October. There will be a delicious breakfast in Jefferson City at The Capitol Plaza at 7 a.m. If you would like to attend this breakfast please contact: Steve Snelle: 314-440. I hope to see you all there? God Bless and I hope that I can serve you well.

Terrie Arnold