Announcement of Candidacy for MGDU Secretary - Judy Burch

October 12, 2010

MCB News Wire

by Judy Burch

Dear MGDU Members,

My name is Judy Burch, and this message is to let you all know that I have decided to run for secretary of MGDU.  One reason that I have decided to do so is that Nick Whitney asked me to run for this position, and I have a lot of faith in Nick's abilities to lead MGDU forward.  

I am blind and have been using guide dogs since the age of 17.  I am currently working with Indy, my 4-year-old German shepherd whom I received from The Seeing Eye in Sept., 2008. 

It is a pleasure for me to submit my name to the slate of candidates running for MGDU positions along with Nick,  and Janelle Edwards, who has been secretary of our affiliate for two years now and who has done a really great job.  As you know, Janelle will be running this year for the recording secretary position of MCB, for which she is very much qualified.  She also will be running for the vice-president position for MGDU.  

Judy Burch