June 2010 Member of the Month

July 6, 2010

MCB News Wire

Member of the Month Committee

Congratulations to Carl Franklin, Blind of Central Missouri, chosen as June's Member of the Month. Thank you Carl for all you have done for your affiliate and the MCB.

The Blind of Central Missouri would like to nominate a charter member of our Club as member of the month. Carl Franklin with some of his friends many years ago set out to organize and establish a club for the blind and visually impaired people of this community. Carl has always been active in the club coming to meeting and even giving members rides when needed. He has traveled to Jefferson City to be part of the Legislative day actives. He has gone to the United Way in our support and each year when he pays his dues there is always extra for a donation. Carl has a brother that at Christmas time each year makes a large donation to the club in Carl's name. He is always thinking about the betterment of the organization. Recruitment is not fallen by the wayside on Carl's part just the other day after overhearing a lady talking about the problems she has had since losing her sight stepped up to tell her that there was a group out there to help her. After taking the lady's name down he passed it on to an officer. Peg is going to join our group in March and hopes to become a member. Carl not only started our club but is making sure we stay strong in the community that blind people have a place to go for support and fellowship. We give Carl a big thanks and we hope your committee will also honor him for all of his good works.

Nominated by Blind of Central Missouri, Linda Gerken, President