MCB Board Conference Recap

August 24, 2010

MCB News Wire

by Denny Huff

Here are the highlights of last night's board conference call.

The board voted to donate $660.00 to the St. Louis Council towards the production cost of 6000 flyers. The total cost is $1,320.00 of which the St. Louis Council will pay the balance. The flyers are on a 5 x 7 card stock and display a message for drivers to make a point of pausing for blind pedestrians using a white cane or a guide dog. The flyers will be distributed by the Missouri State Highway Patrol throughout Missouri.

The board also approved having Yvonne Snitzler and Ida Scotti to bring the recorded history of MCB up to date.

Our treasurer, William Hawkins, explained the check writing procedure MCB currently uses. In his explanation he assured the board that the procedure we are now using has several checks and balances in it.

The remainder of the time was used to present the 2011 budget proposal. We did not finish with the budget last night but will continue with it next Monday, August 30 at 7:00 PM. After the budget is approved by the board, it will be presented to the full membership at the convention in October for recommendations.


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