August 2010 Member of the Month

September 3, 2010

MCB News Wire

Member of the Month Committee

Congratulations to Eujean Dody, Lake Stockton Area Council of the Blind, August's winner of The Member of the Month Award. Thanks Eujean for all you have done for your affiliate and MCB. Eujean was nominated by Linda Coccovizzo.

To the Member of the Month Committee

It is an honor for me to place the name of Eujean Dody for nomination for MCB Member of the Month. Lake Stockton's affiliate has played quite an active part in MCB for many years. They have held auctions yearly since 1993. I remember they always honored MCB's officers and presidents of the various affiliates who attended the auction. Also there were a few times at camp when they would sweeten the bingo pots just for the fun of it. I truly don't know if the money came from the affiliate or their own pockets.

jean was always making rounds at convention, I remember especially, and making sure she said hello to everyone and hugging everyone. She has not been in good health for sometime now, and she has been missed at board meetings, auctions, and conventions. Here is some information I was able to have sent to me on Jean. I hope you will consider Jean for Member of the Month. She is so well deserving of this award.

Lake Stockton Area Council of the Blind was formed in August, 1986, in Stockton. Eujean (Jean) Dody joined the group in October of 1986. In August 1993, a dinner and auction were held for Lake Stockton's seventh birthday and Jean was the auctioneer. For their eighth birthday they had fried chicken catered from the local supermarket in Stockton and when Jean noticed the leftovers she auctioned it off. Their ninth birthday in 1995 a local auctioneer donated his time and in 1996 Jack Fennewald and his family volunteered to do the auction for us. Lake Stockton eventually moved their meetings to Bolivar. Jean has held the office as president numerous times as well as vice president. She has also served Lake Stockton as affiliate representative to the state board. Jean also initiated the "nut" sales and continued that on a yearly basis for many years. Another money-making activity that she was able to secure for Lake Stockton was a benefit dinner with a cake walk from the Eagles in El Dorado Springs. But, due to failing health, Jean was not able to continue with these money making activities. In fact, August 2007 was the last dinner and auction in which she played an active part.

Sincerely, Linda Coccovizzo


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