July 2010 Member of the Month

August 8, 2010

MCB News Wire

Member of the Month Committee

July's Member of the Month is Cheryl Anthony, Allied Workers for the Blind,
nominated by Gregg Hollins. Congratulation Cheryl. We appreciate all you do
for MCB and your affiliate.

I would like to present Cheryl Anthony for consideration for the member of
the month award. Cheryl has been a long time member of Allied Workers for
the Blind, (AWB) as well as a charter member of The County Line Council of
the Blind, (CLC).

She first became a member of AWB in the early eighties, after her husband,
Allen Anthony, became blind. They wished to network with persons who were
visually impaired and learn about opportunities for the blind.

Cheryl and Anthony were upstanding members of AWB but formed an affiliate
closer to home. They regrettably resigned their membership with AWB to
become charter members of County Line Council of the Blind.

Cheryl quickly made herself at home in their new affiliate, picking up where
she left off in AWB. She wasted no time volunteering her services whenever
needed. However, after several prosperous years, CLC was forced to dissolve
due to the decline of membership. Cheryl and Allen knew they were not
homeless and returned to their family in AWB, where they were welcomed back
with open arms.

Cheryl has been an asset to both AWB and CLC. Not only is she a great
member, but also one of the most pleasant, helpful, and hard working persons
you will find throughout MCB. Cheryl has served on committees in AWB and CLC
such as: membership, transportation, and currently is the chair of special
services for AWB, just to name a few. She has provided transportation for
members attending AWB and CLC business meetings and has transported members
to MCB board meetings, conventions, and summer camp. At camp, she has even
volunteered to walk the track with members wishing to exercise.

At convention or camp, from transporting to assisting individuals, you will
not find a more kind and respectful person than Cheryl Anthony, willing to
volunteer and assist wherever needed.

Please consider Cheryl Anthony for member of the month.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gregg Hollins


Denny Huff - President
Missouri Council of the Blind
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