Announcing Candidacy for MCB Secretary - Janelle Edwards

August 2, 2010

MCB News Wire

by Janelle Edwards

Dear MCB members,

My name is Janelle Edwards. I am announcing my candidacy for MCB Secretary.

Since moving to Missouri in 2006, my service to MCB and its affiliates in numerous positions has prepared me to be MCB Secretary. The Springfield Service Club of the Blind elected me to the office of Secretary for the club bylaw imposed maximum of two terms--ending in August 2010. In October, I will complete my first term as the Missouri Guide Dog Users (MGDU) Secretary.

It has been my privilege to serve on several bylaws committees including an Ad Hoc Bylaws Committee for my local affiliate, representing that chapter on the MCB Bylaws/Resolutions Committee, chairing the Ad Hoc Constitution and Bylaws Committee for MGDU, and participating on the ACB Constitution and Bylaws Committee where I served as scribe at the last ACB convention. Recently I chaired the Ad Hoc Constitution and Bylaws Committee for a new group, for which I am now Secretary, called Social Outreach Council, which anticipates becoming an MCB special interest affiliate in October.

At this time, I am the Affiliate Representative for the Springfield Service Club of the Blind on the MCB Board of Directors. I served on the Board of Directors for ACB's Kansas affiliate during part of the time I was an ACB member living there.

If elected to the office of MCB Secretary I pledge to continue to listen with an open mind to MCB board members, MCB staff, and relevant experts who address the board before casting my vote even if I have a strong opinion when the discussion commences. As an Affiliate Representative, I complete needed research when an agenda is received including any or all of the following as applicable: determine the opinions of my local affiliate members if achievable, consult MCB members with relevant expertise, and review by any means possible the will of the MCB convention assembly on appropriate issues.

Computers, and other technology, have been an important part of my life personally and professionally but non-computer users must not be forgotten as we disseminate information. My B.S. in Computer Science and Masters of Management Information Systems prepared me for my three computer programming jobs. Unfortunately, I was eventually downsized from each of them along with a number of my sighted peers after company mergers. It is my privilege to chair your Adaptive Technology Grants Committee. My attention to detail and familiarity with the PC assist me in producing accurate minutes in a timely manner. Correct records are crucial for our organization to facilitate the proper execution of board mandates and for appropriate transparency with our members, government agencies, and the public.

As I have been blind since birth, braille has been essential for me both personally and professionally, and I utilize it daily. The needs and concerns of our low vision members are also significant.

If you have any questions regarding my candidacy, please contact me either by phone at 417-882-1516 or by email at jedwards9994 at

I would appreciate your vote at the MCB convention. Whomever we elect to be our officers, I will continue to promote the goals and programs of MCB. I hope you will join me in this endeavor.

Best wishes,

Janelle Edwards