Door Prizes For ATI

September 30, 2010

MCB News Wire

by Denny Huff

Here is a list of the door prizes we will be giving away at the ATI annual meeting this year. My thanks to Nick Whitney for letting us have these items at a discounted cost.

To be eligible for one of these door prizes you will need to be a paid  member of the Adaptive Technology special interest affiliate and of course be in attendance at the meeting.

1 Talking Exact Cooking & All Ppurpose thermometer

1 Double Spatula

2 Talking Calculator/Alarm Music Box

1 Designer talking Atomic Clock/Calendar

1 Locking Pasta Pot 2qt

4 Desktop talking Alarm Clock

1 Large Number Electric Alarm Clock

2 Braille Long Ring timer

2 Talking Keychain

3 All In One Food Chopper

1 Talking & Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock

1-Deno Large Number Calculator

2 Moshi Travel Alarm

1 Deli-Pro Knife with Slicing Guide & Fork

Total: 23 prizes

Rhonda Dycus will be at the MCB registration table to register you for ATI. Or you can go online at and pay through PayPal.

Hope to see you at the meeting.

Denny Huff - President
Missouri Council of the Blind
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