Announcement of Candidacy for President - Denny Huff

November 30, -0001

MCB News Wire

by Denny Huff

I think that most of you would agree that Missouri is arguably the best state that a blind person could live in. We are the only state that has a blind pension, the only state that has a program offered by Missouri Assistive Technology similar to the TAP-I and TAP for Telephone. We have a great Rehab Services for the Blind and we have of course, the Missouri Council of the Blind, one of the largest and most influential affiliates of the American Council of the Blind... All of these organizations and programs are not by accident but rather by work that was done in the past by many members of MCB. People such as Alma Murphy, Ellis Forshee, Nathaniel Johnson and Darrell Lauer, to name a few.

I am in no way comparing myself to any of these great advocates, but I do share in their vision for the blind community of Missouri.

As your president for the past two years I believe that I have brought to this organization a sense of direction, more unity in what we believe in, cooperation between the board, the officers and the membership and better communication for what is going on in MCB.

I have established a good rapport with not only other blind related organizations in Missouri, but other disability organizations in Missouri as well. We have participated in several state-wide events involving cross disability organizations and they now know that we are willing to work with them in whatever way possible.

We have worked with several local affiliates in an attempt to strengthen their membership and have been fairly successful in doing so. I am committed to working with any and all affiliates in addressing any problem or questions that they might have.

Our name is now held in higher esteem among other blind related organizations. They know that we are an organization that serves not only our members, but will address the concerns of all blind Missourians alike.

I don't take the position as your president lightly. I try to represent MCB in a professional manner and address the concerns of each member alike. Although is quite a task to juggle my work schedule and my duties as president, I most of the time find it is a very rewarding experience. I try and promote MCB and explain the services we offer everywhere I go.

We have many great members in MCB that are very knowledgeable about the blind community and their needs. I have tried to assign positions through-out the state to individuals I felt were qualified for a chairperson to balance out the workload. I am committed to using the most qualified person for each position available. Although some of the appointments have not proven as successful as I would have liked, if reelected this will be corrected.

Although I have failed to balance our budget for the upcoming year, this will be one of my priorities in the upcoming year. I can say that our budget is in better shape than it was when I took office two years ago with our deficit now being $200,000.00 less than what it was in 2008. My focus will not be on lessening the amount of our budget, but rather increasing our income to overcome the deficit. I know there is money out there for organizations like ours and financial support for the programs we have. It is just a matter of making some changes in the way we present our IRS 990, correcting the way we do our financial statement and making changes in the way we present MCB to the general public. Although some of these changes have already been made, there is still work to do. It is also a matter of finding these sources of income that are willing to support our cause.

We now have one of the best operating office staff that we have had. They are knowledgeable in what needs to be done, how to accomplish the tasks they are presented with and willing to work with not only me, but the board and membership to accomplish these tasks.

If I am reelected as your president I promise to continue to serve you and represent you in a professional manner and keep myself available to you for any questions or concerns you might have. My vision for MCB is to make it the great organization I know it can be...

Denny Huff - President
Missouri Council of the Blind
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