Announcement of Candidacy for President - Gregg Hollins

June 1, 2006

MCB News Wire

by Gregg Hollins

Greetings MCB members:

I, (Gregg Hollins), am announcing my candidacy to run for president of The Missouri Council of the Blind, at its 2010 Convention at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City, Missouri. The majority of you know who I am, so I will keep this short.

Throughout the last year or so, many MCB members have encouraged me to run for president. After much consideration, consultation with family, and respected friends, I have decided to come forward with my announcement and ask for your support.

Many expressed, and I agree, in light of the difficulties facing MCB now, and for the foreseeable future, it is imperative that MCB members have the option to choose from more than one strong, qualified candidate to lead this great organization.

As a member of MCB for nearly 30 years, I know that when this organization is united and focused, it is one of the most powerful and effective affiliates of ACB, and by far the strongest and most respected consumer organization throughout the state of Missouri.

I have the experience to understand the needs of our older members and still young enough to realize the desires and dreams of the young. With your vote and support, I promise to do everything within my power to reunite this organization, restore stability and respect, and once again make MCB the organization of which we can be proud.

Please feel free to call or email if you have questions, comments, or want to know where I stand on issues. I would be more than happy to speak to you. See you in October.


Gregg Hollins
3050 Harrison APT 1F
Kansas City MO 64109
(816) 931-5151