Mailing List Guidelines

Mailing list subscribers are encouraged to focus their contributions to the list on the specific subject areas posted on each of the lists' home page. Comments, suggestions, references, and ideas posted to the mailing lists should serve as resources for enhancing the knowledge base.

  • List subscribers are expected to follow the Netiquette rules posted below.
  • Subscribers should include their name and email address at the end of each message.
  • Attachments should not be forwarded.
  • Messages from suspended members should not be forwarded.
  • Messages containing profane language will not be tolerated.
    Persons who send offensive messages to the list will first be warned by the Internet Committee.  This warning may take place either on or off list. If it happens again, the message will be reviewed by the Internet Committee, and a decision will be made as to whether to take any kind of action. If a suspension occurs, it will be forty-eight hours. The next suspension will be seventy-two hours. The next offensive message will be left up to the discretion of the Internet Committee.  If a person still believes he/she need to appeal, He or she may appeal to the board.

All messages posted to the list are archived. When sending posts to the lists, subscribers agree to have messages archived on the web site. This means that not only are all messages stored and searchable in the Mailing List archives, but they are also available for search on the World Wide Web.

Questions about the Missouri Council of the Blind's Mailing Lists and the policies governing those lists may be directed to the Internet Committee Chairman, Beau Barnhart


We recognize that learning is promoted by dialogue in a spirit of inquiry, curiosity, and mutual respect. Please conduct your discussions in that spirit on the lists.

The following is a list of some of the more common rules associated with netiquette:

  • You may wish to introduce yourself to other list members when posting to the list for the first time.
  • The header information is not displayed on all mail systems; therefore, including your name and email address will better allow others to respond to your message.
  • Be concise. Long messages are difficult for some participants to read. Shorter, to the point messages move the discussion along at a lively pace.
  • Before you send a reply, consider whether it should go to everyone on the list or just to the person posting the message. If you think your reply will be of general interest, then send it to the list; if not, be careful to reply only to the message originator. When replying to an individual, make sure that person's email address is the only one appearing in the "To" box."
  • When you are replying to a posted message, it helps readers if you quote the part of the message (usually not the whole message) that you are replying to. All list readers will then respond to your message in the proper context. If the message thread gets too long, remove the older postings at the beginning of the thread.
  • If you are responding to a posting but want to change the topic of a discussion thread, remember to change the subject line in the email to give members information about the new direction in the conversation.
  • Email messages typed in all capitals are considered shouting and in discussion forums are considered rude, so please be considerate and for emphasis use *emphasis* or _emphasis_ instead of all capitals.
  • Comments made in jest on a mailing list may not always appear that way to other readers. Sarcasm rarely works on the internet and is often misunderstood. Please be careful using humor on the lists.