The Chronicle Guidelines

The Chronicle shall be published quarterly, in March, June, September, and December. As stated in Article XIII of the Bylaws, the magazine shall be distributed, free of charge, to members and any other persons requesting it.

The Chronicle shall be available in Braille, large print, NLS cartridge, by e-mail and on computer disk. It will also be available on the MCB web site.

Material for the Chronicle should be submitted to the Editor by the first day of the month preceding each issue. Under the current publishing schedule, submission deadlines are February first, May first, August first, and November first. Material received after those deadlines may still be included in the next issue if space permits or may be held for publication in a later issue.

Each issue will typically consist of reports from the MCB President and other officers, reports from committee chairpersons, news from affiliates, a resource column and other articles selected by the editor.

Each issue will also contain a section listing the names, addresses and phone numbers for all MCB officers, board members, committee chairs and Affiliate Presidents. Affiliates should let the Editor know as soon as possible when they elect new presidents so that the Chronicle list will be up to date.

Readers are encouraged to submit articles for publication, including letters to the editor, on any subject. Articles and letters may be shortened to meet space limitations or edited for clarity, but the writer's writing style and content will be retained. In order to be considered for publication in the Chronicle, submissions must include the name of the writer; unsigned articles and letters will not be considered.

Material may be submitted in any form, but hand written material should be avoided if possible.

The June and September issues will contain a candidate's column where members seeking office may submit information about their qualifications. Candidates should stress their reasons for running for an office and shall refrain from making personal attacks against any other member running for or holding that office.

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