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Summer Camp :: December 2017

By Beverly Kaskadden

Missouri Council served a total of 142 participants of the Summer Camp program this past year.
We had 23 attendees in June with several new members.
In July there were 61, again not only with new attendees, but several that were first time participants from last year who returned again this year.
In September we had 58 attend.

I would like to thank the proprietors of Cobblestone Lodge for accommodating the needs of our members.
They go above and beyond for their guests.

The cost this year was $528.50 per adult for the week long sessions, and $267.85 for the extended weekend.
Our members pay $85 for the week and $60 for the weekend.
Next year the rate will increase to $100 for adults for the week sessions and $75 for the weekend.
This was decided by the MCB Board.
The Cobblestone rate for adults will increase also to $549.00.

MCB Summer Camp program is very fortunate to receive a grant from the St. Louis Lighthouse.
It can vary from year to year.
This year we received $25,000 from the Lighthouse and with the participantís fees of $10,459.25, the net amount that MCB had to pay was $21,024.75. This program has a $70,000 budget and with this income; we come well under our budget.
Our former Resource and Development Director, Lowell Newsom is to be credited for going to St. Louis Lighthouse and getting this annual donation.

The dates for next year are, June 3, July 29, and September 6.
My committee consists of Celita, Sam White, and myself, Beverly Kaskadden.
Thank you for letting me serve MCB.

Summer Camp Report :: June 2017

By Beverly Kaskadden

I would love to be reporting from the porch at Cobblestone, but considering the nasty weather we are having today, and the floods on the rivers, it is probably best that I am safe and warm in my home.  I can guarantee though, the time at Cobblestone is always enjoyable.  The Camp committee consisting of Celita, Sam White and myself, will be meeting to finalize the cabin and table placements for the June and July sessions.  You still have time to submit your applications for the September extended weekend at Cobblestone.  The deadline for submission is August 1.  Time flies by so fast, so don’t hesitate.  We will knock ourselves out to assure everyone enjoys their time while at Cobblestone.

I cannot express enough the importance of reading the Camp Guidelines and filling out the application completely. If you still have questions, please give me a call or e-mail me.  When the applications have been processed, I will give the MCB office the okay to send out the acceptance letters.  Again, please call me, not Cobblestone or the MCB office, with any questions.

I can report that there are new names on the attendance list, and I am so excited to see young families in attendance.  Many years ago when I attended my first session at Cobblestone with my little girls, I was convinced that I would be a long time member of Missouri Council of the Blind.  I am so proud of this organization.  I hope to see many of you soon.

Summer Camp :: March 2017

By Beverly Kaskadden

The temperature has warmed up 20 degrees since yesterday, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  It will be time for Cobblestone soon.  The applications will be coming out by March 1st.  The dates for 2017 are June 4, July 30 and September 7.  The rates are the same as last year.  We had several new camp attendees last year, so I am hoping that will occur again.  I love talking about camp, so please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.  As an added note, Cobblestone will no longer be providing washcloths. I hope to see you there.

Summer Camp Report :: December 2016

By Beverly Kaskadden

Summer camp for the year 2016 is complete.  We had a great year thanks to all those who participated.  The June week was small and quiet, at least in the dining room.  It was good to hear the cheers at the pool and on the River from those who were having so much fun.  If you are looking for a quiet and sedated week, you might consider attending Cobblestone in June.

We called the second session the July week, but it started on July 31 this year and ended on August 7.  You would think this session would be the hottest, but I believe the June week was hotter this year.  No matter the weather, we always find time to spend at the pool.  It was so nice to have several new people attending camp this year.  My highlight was meeting a new blind member named Peyton.  She is 5 years old, and so adorable.  I am smiling just thinking about her enthusiasm and spirit.  Our talent during this week was incredible and Peyton joined right along.

September is always delightful.  Yes, it did rain, but usually at night.  Rain never hampers the enjoyment.

If you are on the fence about attending camp, just give it a try.  The dates for 2017 are, June 4, July 30 and September 7.   The applications will be mailed out to the affiliate Presidents in March.   If you have any questions, please contact me.  I hope to see you at Cobblestone.  Happy Holidays.

Summer Camp :: June 2016

By Beverly Kaskadden

“ARE YOU READY?”   I am sure many of you are so ready and maybe even have some items packed for Cobblestone. That should tell those who have never attended Summer Camp that you should consider trying it out this year. I can answer any questions that you might have if you just give me a call or send me an e-mail message. I love talking about spending time at Cobblestone. My committee of Sam and Celita White, and myself will be working on cabin and table placements this week. The deadline for the extended week-end in September is August, so you still have time to add your application to that list.

I cannot express enough the importance of reading the Camp Guidelines and filling out the application completely. If you still have questions, please give me a call or e-mail me.

When the applications have been processed, I will give the MCB office the okay to send out the acceptance letters.

Again, please call me, not Cobblestone, with any questions.

Summer Camp 2016 :: March 2016

By Beverly Kaskadden

The 2016 Summer camp application will be available soon for those who would like to attend Camp at Cobblestone. The Leytons are planning our activities to assure those attending will have an enjoyable time.

The Presidents of all MCB affiliates will be receiving packets with the applications and guidelines enclosed. The fees have changed this year. During the Board meeting on January 28th, the Budget and Finance Committee made a motion to raise the fee for the participants. For 2016, the adult fee will increase by $10 and children will also increase by $10. The fee for adults 18 and older will now be $85.00 and $75.00 for children. The September extended week-end fee will also increase to $60.00.

The dates for this year are, June 5-12, July 31-August 7, and September 8-11. Please take time to read the guidelines carefully and fill out the application completely. If you have any request for cabin and table placement, please note these concerns on your applications. We will do our best to honor your needs. If you have never attended camp, I would encourage you to step out and have some fun and relaxation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me to answer your questions. I love getting to know our campers.

Hope to see you this summer.

Summer Camp Committee :: December 2015

By Beverly Kaskadden

2015 was another fun and relaxing time at Cobblestone. It is always something that everyone can look forward to attending. Since my first time attending summer camp with my family, I have always thought this to be one of the best programs MCB has to offer. I am very honored to Chair this program. It has given me a chance to get to know so many dear people. I have deeply enjoyed the opportunity. You could not ask for better people to work with than the Leytons at Cobblestone. They jump hoops to accommodate us.

As the temperature drops, I am thinking about sitting around the pool at Cobblestone. If you have never attended, you might want to consider joining in the fun.

Summer Camp Committee :: June 2015

By Beverly Kaskadden

I hope everyone is ready for the “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer” at Cobblestone. We have the cabins and tables assigned, and bingo cards ready to go. It is so heartwarming to hear the laughter and joy that goes with connections at Cobblestone. How can you not have fun at Cobblestone? There is still time to consider putting in an application for the; extended weekend in September. The deadline for that session is August 1. I am ready to float down the lazy river at Cobblestone. Hope to see you on the front porch.

Summer Camp :: March 2014

By Beverly Kaskadden, Camp Chair

You would think the Summer Camp Committee would have it easy this time of year, but we never rest! We are working on going over the Camp application, and getting the letters out to all the affiliates. I have been thinking about Summer Camp so much during these frigid cold days in January. I promise I will not complain about how hot it is while at Cobblestone!

There has been a change in the Guidelines for camp applicants, and I hope everyone will carefully read not only the guidelines, but also the camp application and letters. All affiliate Presidents will receive packets of camp information. The packets will include an introduction letter that is to be read at the affiliate meetings. Payment is to accompany all applications and made payable to Missouri Council of the Blind. Applications will not be considered if payment does not accompany the applications and filled out completely. Please, don’t forget to sign the agreement.

All applications are to be mailed to the Missouri Council office. Upon receipt, the office will assign a number to the completed applications so they will be considered in the order they were received.

If you have special considerations of cabin placements, please indicate your needs on the applications. The camp committee works hard to honor your request. Keep in mind; we cannot put everyone in the closest cabin to the lodge.

If you have never attended our summer camp at Cobblestone, you are missing out on an experience that you will look back at with such fond memories. You will reconnect with friends, and make new friends. You will never go hungry. I have often said, “Oh, is it time to eat again?” Then there is all the valuable information you gather on the front porch!

I am smiling thinking about my visits to Cobblestone. Feel free to call me if you have any questions. Hope to see you there.

Along with Celita White, Sam White and Jim Schonlau.

Summer Camp :: September 2013

By Beverly Kaskadden

This article for the Chronicle is to reach out to anyone who has not attended Missouri Council’s Summer Camp program at Cobblestone Lodge. If you have not attended, unfortunately, you have missed getting to know some wonderful people. As I sat on the front porch at Cobblestone in June, I was observing others, and they all were having such a good time. They were sharing stories, ideas, or just joking with each other. It really did my heart good to hear such contentment and joy. You meet old friends and make new friends. I miss friends that cannot be with us, but so glad to have the opportunity to say that because of Missouri Council of the Blind, I have had a chance to know so many good friends across the State.

I would like to encourage others who have never attended camp, to give it a try. All our programs are worthy, but I do believe the Summer Camp program touches more people than any other program. Not only is it a vacation, but it is an opportunity to gain knowledge of an item that has helped someone, gain new friends, and to let yourself have fun! If you ever have any questions about Cobblestone, please feel free to contact me either by phone or e-mail. I know I can be difficult to reach sometimes, but I always check my e-mail messages. I am also busy with other community organizations, so I don’t sit around the house much. By the time you read this publication the 2013 Summer Camp will be over, but please consider joining us in 2014.

Summer Camp Report :: June 2013

By Beverly Kaskadden

As I write this article, it does feel like summer, but the end of the week may be a different story. The word “snow” was mentioned in the forecast! That is why we are not quite ready for Cobblestone just yet. It is right around the corner. By the time you receive the chronicle, we will have already spent one week at Cobblestone.

The June week seems to be growing larger than the July week! I am so glad the MCB Board approved attendees to join us at Cobblestone one week long session along with the September extended week-end. It is too hard to choose a week long session or the week-end. They both have attractions.

The deadline for applications to attend the September extended weekend is August 1st. Please get your applications in as soon as you can. The date for September is Thursday, the 5th through Sunday, the 8th. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at or call me at 636-561-6947. Hope to see so many good friends at Cobblestone!

Summer Camp :: December 2012

By Beverly Kaskadden, Summer Camp Chair, Sam and Celita White, and Jim Schonlau

Summer camp at Cobblestone has come and gone for 2012 and 2013 will be here before you know it.  I do have some exciting news!  The camp Committee requested approval from the MCB Board to allow camp attendees to attend a week and the extended September session at Cobblestone and it was approved!  It was hard to choose what session to attend when we were only allowed one week.  Because of this, numbers were down.  In 2013, I am sure our numbers will rise.  We will be sending out the new guidelines with this revision, along with the application forms, for your March meetings.

We have cold weather ahead of us, but during those chilly nights, be dreaming of sitting along the pool at Cobblestone.  See you soon!

Summer Camp Report :: September 2012

By Beverly Kaskadden

I am writing this report while sitting on the porch of my cabin at Cobblestone. The weather is gorgeous! It has been pretty warm other days, but we have to take advantage of this very comfortable day. As soon as I am done writing this article, I am heading for the pool.

The week in June was also very nice. We had 39 campers in attendance. I was so glad to have the opportunity to meet people that I only knew by name.

This week in July we had 52 attending, but not one guide dog. That was unusual. Since the low attendance, Cobblestone had the opportunity to include other guest outside of MCB. Some of these people have never had any contact with blind individuals, and I believe they were impressed. I love it when we have the opportunity to interact with others who have no idea what a blind individual can accomplish. The word “amazed” is used often. I do not think it is amazing, but is a necessity. Whatever it is, we have so much fun here at Cobblestone.

Whether I am sitting on the porch or participating in the activities, I notice all the laughter and the camaraderie that is shared with our participants. I also hear people sharing their knowledge on helpful resources to enhance our lives. It is a place to come together and connect. It is relaxing and exhilarating all at the same time.

Our September extended weekend is filling up quickly. If you cannot take the time away from work or home for a whole week, the extended weekend is perfect for you.

I thoroughly enjoy chairing the Summer Camp Program. I want to give a big thanks to my wonderful committee, Celita White, Sam White and Jim Schonlau.

Summer Camp Committee :: March 2012

By Beverly Kaskadden, Sam & Celita White and Jim Schonlau

Let’s imagine we are sitting along the side of the pool at Cobblestone. It will be here before you know it.

For those who do not know me, I am Beverly Kaskadden, chair of the wonderful Summer Camp program. Last year was the first year in this position, but I served on the committee for several years prior. Celita and Sam White, along with Jim Schonlau complete this committee. My committee works together as a team, so I feel that makes a successful committee. Sam, Celita, and Jim all live close to the office, so they can easily get any information from the office and bring it to my house, where we work on placing individuals in cabins and tables for the dining room. Rarely is this a one-time placement due to cancelations or whatever reasons. We eventually get it right!

There have been several changes in the Guidelines this year, so it is important that everyone review the Guidelines, and please don’t hesitate to call if you have questions.

Last year’s expenses were $18,000 over budget so changes had to be made. We have had to tighten our belts. Unfortunately, we had to cut out the transportation reimbursements for the June and July weeks. Transportation was never provided for the September extended week-end, so that was not an issue.

Will this be restored in the future? I cannot say for sure at this time. Let’s see how this year’s expenses go. I would hate to turn campers down to attend camp because of the expense that is going out for transportation. Something had to be done, so let’s see how this year goes.

Now let’s think about warm weather, fresh air, and great company while at Cobblestone. Then, there are the relaxing floats on the River…that is unless you are floating with seven teenagers! Then skip the relaxing part and replace it with adventure and total fear!

Whatever you choose to do while at Cobblestone, I am sure you will enjoy your time with Missouri Council of the Blind and Cobblestone staff.

The week in June is the week of June 3rd, and the week in July begins July 15th. Check in time is after 3:00 p.m. and check out is on Sunday at 9:00 a.m. Applications must be into the MCB office by May 1st for these two weeks.

The September extended week-end begins on September 6th, Thursday with check in time after 6:00 p.m. and check out on Sunday is after the noon meal.

The deadline date for applications for the September camp is August 1st.The cost has not changed other than the children’s fee. Last year, it was supposed to be $65, but since there was an error on the application, we accepted the $60 fee for children. The adult fee is $75 for the week long June and July weeks, and $65 for children 17 and under. Children under 2 years of age are free. The rate is the same as last year for the September extended weekend; $50. This is an adult only time, so there are no children’s prices.

For more information, please consult the new Guidelines, or you can always call me or the office. I feel a very important factor is good communication, so please come to me if you have any questions or concerns. Our time at Cobblestone can be a rewarding experience. It is a time to relax and leave the MCB business at the office and Board room.

Summer Camp Sessions :: March 2009

By Beverly Shockley

Our first camp session will be the week of June 7-14; and the second session will be July 19-26.  Your cost is $75 for adults, and $65 for children up to age 18.  There is no charge for children under 2 years of age.

There will be a weekend session for adults only running from the evening of Sept. 10 through noon on Sept. 13 at a cost of $50 per person.  You will have to provide your own transportation for this weekend session.

Cobblestone Lodge is a family resort where you will be served 3 meals a day family style.  Guests stay in cabins equipped with air conditioners and heaters, and there is a wonderful staff dedicated to seeing that you have a great time.  You can choose to participate in a variety of activities including a float trip on the river. 

It’s a great opportunity to see old friends and make many new ones.

Applications will be treated on a “first Come” basis, and since space is limited, you need to get them in as soon as possible.  Applications can be obtained from your affiliate president, or you can request them by calling the MCB office.  Each application must be accompanied by a check or money order made payable to the Missouri Council of the Blind.  Please do not send cash.  Your application will be considered when we receive the full amount you owe.  Applications must be mailed to the summer camp chairman:

Beverly Shockley
3337 Macklind Ave.
St. Louis, MO  63139.

If you have any special needs due to health concerns, please communicate them to us when making your application, and we will do our best to accommodate you.