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PUBLIC RELATIONS :: December 2017

By Wilma Chestnut-House

I would like to start this first PR report by thanking MCB members for allowing me to represent them for the next two years. This will be my last term and I plan to serve you well.

At this time I have done three events for the month of October. The first was the “White Cane Safety” day.
AGAPE was on the northwest corner of Grand at Magnolia Ave.
We had a table with all of our information about MCB, the history of white canes, and the reason and explanation of this day.
We had a sign on the front of our table that read, “Honk your horn for White Cane Safety”.
We got plenty from trucks, cars, and motorcycles. We had quite a few people put on sleep shades and try crossing the streets.
The response was that they did not want to walk on the sidewalk and could not imagine crossing the streets on an everyday bases.
They were all in good humor and took it like champs.

Delta Area, SEMO, and Northern Lights participated in their area.
Thanks MCB affiliates!

The second was a CFC event.
The U.S. Postal workers agree to donate a portion of their wages to the charity of their choice.
I do not know how many people chose our organization, but we had lots of interest.

The third was SLU Delta Gamma Sorority Women’s Awareness Day.
I spoke to them about what MCB does as far as programs, resources, and all our new phone lines.
I left them with brochures to give to others.
I also made some contacts for volunteering at some of our events.
Our MCB secretary took my place at the Task Force in Jefferson City while I did the SLU event.
Thanks very much.

I think that it would be great for MCB to have an all affiliate picnic.
It could be held in a centrally located area.
I am checking on the price for buses to pick up from meeting areas and bringing us to a designated park.
The only cost to the affiliate would be to put in on the cost of the bus.
We would board early morning and return home the same day.
We all bring a dish, meat, drinks, and games.
Most of all, bring laughter.
If your affiliate is or is not interested, please e mail me and say yes or no.
That way I can see how many buses and where they need to pick up.
The only rule is that there will not be any business discussions.
This is for enjoyment!
My e mail address is

Public Relations :: June 2017

By Wilma Chestnut-House

MCB members, I am writing this article to inform you that I am again running for PR.  This next term would be my last. 

I am still learning some things and still informing people about MCB, our programs, services that we provide, and our affiliates.  This year has been the best.  I feel that I am finally attracting people who honestly need and want help.  Asking members from other organization (Mary & Jannel) is something new this year and it has worked out really well.  I want to thank them also.  I am asking you guys to vote for me one more time.  It is an honor. Thanks once again.

Public Relations Report :: December 2016

By Wilma Chestnut-House

One of the “White Cane Safety Walks” was held in Tower Grove Park on October 15 this year.  While it was not as successful as I would have liked, some good things came out of it.  If your affiliate participated in your city, you have until December 12 to turn in money that you raised.  The first place affiliate will receive a plaque.

With as many members as we have in the St. Louis area, I thought that we would have a little more participation.

One person that attended suggested a way to attract young people to our organization would be to have a class in breaking down computers and putting them back together.  We will be working on the rest of the plan as time permits.  Most young people are really up on technology and this is something that might get their attention.  It will be a MCB project.  We have to work out the kinks and I will keep everyone posted.  The way that you can help is by donating a desk top computer that you are no longer using and is in working order and virus free.  I am trying to get at least ten.

This will bring the young people in, teach them, make them marketable in the work force, and bring them into MCB.  They can also tell their friends about what is happening with our organization.  At a young age, they need a little more than meetings and conventions.

By the time this article is out, I will have gone to Kansas City to cook dinner for Melvin Smith and three other people.  He won the bid on my catered dinner for four.  Congratulations Melvin and I hope that you enjoyed the dinner.  They will have a before dinner drink, a beef roast with gravy, oven roasted garlic potatoes, and creamed corn.  He wants a triple chocolate cake made from my special recipe.

Once again, if you have something going on in your community, please let me know.  As long as I know early enough in advance, I will try to attend.  Feel free to contact me.

MCBVI-PR :: June 2016

By Wilma Chestnut-House

As the Public Relations’ Director, I am happy to say that I am back in stride again. This year I have attended Power Up, the St. Charles affiliate’s Community Fair at Spencer Library, and was supposed to lead our team in the Delta Gamma “Run for Sight” walk.

I am in Utah for a Camp Abilities Directors’ conference with another director, Peggy Hurt. My daughter, Cush, is the captain for this event, and I am sure that she will do the job right. I would also like to say that this time we have four MCB members representing us.

When I return home Monday, I will leave the airport and go straight to Jefferson City for a mini adaptive technology exhibition at the State building. On May 7, we will be at the Valley of Flowers in Florissant representing MCB.

Once again folks, our White Cane Safety Walk will be held at Tower Grove Park. It is going to be on the actual date of October 15. We will have coffee, water, and maybe donuts to get us started. The fun will start after the walk. We will have a picnic with food and games. Come and join us. It would be good if all the groups in St. Louis would join together and participate. The other affiliates should also get ready for their statewide walk. Let’s do this MCB members!

MCB Public Relations :: March 2016

By Wilma Chestnut-House

In December, I visited with Joe Morgan and his affiliate, Allied Workers. I also visited with Act Now! Council for their Christmas party and a small kickoff for the 60th anniversary of MCB. I had a great time with all of them. I will be coming to other affiliates soon. Be ready! Your job is to have some prospective new members for us.

Congratulations are in order for some of our affiliates. For our first White Cane Walk this past October, we raised more than $700. First place was Agape Council, second place was SEMO Blind Club, and third place was St. Louis Council. They all received plaques for their participation. Tower Club and Springfield also participated and they received certificates of participation. Congratulations to all of you! This year, the walk is on the actual anniversary date of October 15. I hope that we have more affiliates join us for this next year’s event.

This year the StL Firing Squad is hosting a beep ball tournament at St. Vincent’s Community Center at 7335 St. Charles Rock Rd. The games will start on May 14, from 8:30 until 4:30. The championship games will be on May 15 from 8:30 until 12:00. We will be on the football field in the back, behind the community center. Come and check out the game! Believe it or not, the supervisor of the park is named Jackie Robinson (go figure).

If your organization would like to set up a table out there to pass out literature, let me know. MCB will be represented.

On behalf of the gold medal St. Louis powerlifting team and John Schrock, I am saluting Margie, the lady that introduced me to the USABA.

Margie was a member of our world championship powerlifting team in 1986 and 1988. She and her husband, Richard were coachable, enthusiastic, and anxious to be challenged. Margie, became a world champion for our championship team. In Ottawa, Canada she won the best lifter for females in the Master's Division. This award is called the "Malone Lifter Award".

I enjoyed having known Margie, and will miss her radiant smile. Coach/Team Leader, John Schrock


By Judy Burch

I hope that the summer is finding everyone doing well. For those in the land of public relations, summer is proving to be a time of travel and booths. In June, the MCB again had a booth at the beepball tournament held in St. Louis at the Concordia Seminary athletic field featuring the STL Firing Squad beepball team and several other teams from around the country.

In July, we had a booth at the ADA celebration held at the Black River Coliseum in Poplar Bluff. The independent living center in Poplar Bluff has held fairs for a number of years now but this was the first year it was held at the Coliseum and there were many vendors there. We handed out a lot of literature and PR items and answered a lot of questions about the MCB. It was a great success.

By the time you read this, the 9th Annual Silver & Gold Healthy Living Senior Fair will have happened in St. Charles. Again, the MCB will have a booth there and I am sure it will have proved to be a great success.

In late September, the MCB will again be represented at the Kennett County Fair. This will be a big event as the fair will be there for a week and MCB will have a booth there throughout the whole week. Also in September the Missouri Guide Dog Users and Braille Revival League MCB special interest affiliates will have tables at the Foundation Fighting Blindness Vision Walk here in St. Louis at Tower Grove Park.

Well, that’s about it for the public relations report. We hope to see you at the convention in October.

Tidbits from Public Relations :: March 2013

By Judy Burch

As I write this, the 2014 large print calendar order has been completed and by the time you read this article, will have been sent to the folks who process the calendar orders. Also, an order for more PR supplies that can be given away at various venues should be in our hands.

We are looking forward to another good Power Up conference in Columbia in April, as well as the Children’s Summit. In addition, we will again have a booth at The Silver and Gold senior fair in St. Charles in August.

More news to come in June.

Public Relations :: December 2012

By Judy Burch

Hello from public relations.  Here’s what’s been happening as of late.

In August, the St. Charles County Council of the Blind participated in the Silver and Gold Senior Health Fair.  SCCCB had a booth and handed out MCB literature.  Other giveaways were available for visitors to take with them.  A number of people stopped by the booth and asked questions.  The fair was a big success.

In September, the MCB had a booth at the Foundation Fighting Blindness Vision Walk in St. Louis and there were a number of visitors there as well.

I will be contacting affiliate presidents soon to inquire as to how many calendars each affiliate will order.  Until next time, take care and we’ll see you in the March Chronicle.

PUBLIC RELATIONS :: September 2012

By Judy Burch

As was reported in our last article, MCB hosted a booth at the St. Louis Firing Squad beepball tournament, which was held June 22-24. The STL Firing Squad played against two teams, one from Chicago and another from Indiana. Although they didn’t win, they played hard and a good time was had by all. Literature and goodies were given to those folks who came by the booth and they had an opportunity to learn more about MCB and beepball. The event was held at the Lutheran Seminary athletic field.

On August 7, MCB will have a booth at the St. Charles Senior Gold health fair.

On September 23, MCB will host a booth at the Foundation Fighting Blindness St. Louis Vision Walk, which will be held at Tower Grove Park. This will be a great opportunity for us to become better known throughout the community.

MCB will be participating in a workshop at a conference on cross-cultural engagement on October 11-12 at Webster University with the St. Louis Regional Arts Commission and Gitana Productions, Inc. The purpose of the conference is to provide information to the different organizations in the arts community which will enable them to involve various racial, ethnic and disabled communities in the arts. MCB will be participating in a workshop featuring a number of persons from the disability community. This is a great opportunity for us to learn about the arts and to have a voice in how future programs will be implemented.

As you can see, we are working hard to get MCB’s name out there and educate the public about our organization and blindness in general. Until next time, be well and we’ll see you in the December issue.

Public Relations :: June 2012

By Judy Burch, Public Relations Chair

These past few months have been pretty busy for MCB. In February, we had a booth at the Foundation Fighting Blindness Open House held in Kansas City. Folks coming through had an opportunity to learn about various organizations of and for the blind, and members of those organizations had an opportunity to network. Also, on February 29, there was the grand opening celebration for our MCB New Image thrift store in Springfield. There were games, door prizes, and food, as well as radio coverage for several hours that day, and the ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at 1:00 that afternoon. A fun time was had by all. If you have a chance, do visit the store.

In March, MCB held its Legislative Days in Jefferson City. Various members visited legislators to voice their concerns regarding the bills which were up for consideration. Public relations provided pens and note caddies which were given to the legislators along with literature as members spoke with them about their concerns. In April, public relations had a booth at the Power-Up conference. Many folks visited our booth and they had an opportunity to learn about the organization. The booth was a big success. One lucky winner received an 8-GB MP3 player at the Power-Up luncheon on Tuesday afternoon.

On June 22-24, the St. Louis Firing Squad beepball team will be hosting the first annual national beepball tournament here in St. Louis at the Concordia Seminary Athletic Field. MCB is one of the sponsors of this event and will have a booth there.

Please remember to send any news about activities concerning you and/or your affiliates to me at or to my postal mail address at 220 Woodridge Rd., St. Louis, MO 63122.

Public Relations :: March 2012

By Judy Burch, Chairperson

By the time you receive this edition of the Chronicle, several exciting events in which public relations has been involved will have already taken place. Perhaps the most exciting is the grand opening of the Missouri Council of the Blind New Image thrift store in its new location at N. Kansas Expressway in Springfield. As your public relations chair writes this, final plans are in the making for what promises to be an exciting and fun-filled grand opening day on February 29. Please stay tuned for the next issue of the Chronicle and a wonderful recap of the grand opening day at the thrift store!

Another event which will have occurred by the time this issue is published is an Open House hosted by the Foundation Fighting Blindness. The date for this event is February 25 and the location of the event is St. Joseph Hospital in Kansas City. MCB will have a booth there and we will be distributing information to the Open House visitors about our organization. Other Missouri and Kansas-based organizations will be there as well.

We are looking forward to Legislative Days in March, and you will read more about happenings there in the summer issue of the Chronicle as well.

The Power-Up Assistive Technology conference will be held this year at the Holiday Inn Executive Center in Columbia on April 1-2. We will have a booth there to distribute information about the Missouri Council of the Blind to conference attendees. Many other vendors will be there to exhibit technology and other organizations as well. To learn more about the conference, visit

Please feel free to contact me with any happenings in your affiliates. I can be reached at or 220 Woodridge Rd., St. Louis, MO 63122.

Public Relations Report :: December 2011

By Leroy Welch

This is my last Public Relations Report but I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the 14 years I have served as the PR Chairman.

We arrived at Joplin on Wednesday evening for the convention. We had Missouri Council Pens and insulated bags to give out. This was the last of my PR products left.

We wish Judy Burch, the new Public Relations Chairman, the best and hope she can do a good job in this capacity.

I am now on the Board of Director’s for the Missouri Council and I will try to make everyone proud of me. I will think everything through thoroughly.

I want to thank all my many friends who have given me a chance to serve as PR Chairman and now Board of Directors. I love you all and wish everyone the best in the future. Love & Prayers

Public Relations :: December 2011

By Judy Burch

Hello to all fellow MCB members. My name is Judy Burch, and I was honored to be elected to the position of public relations chair at this year’s convention in October. Since some members may not know me, I want to tell you all a little about myself.

I am a graduate of the Georgia Academy for the Blind and have a B.A. degree in English from Mercer University. I am married and am employed as a rehabilitation teacher with Rehabilitation Services for the Blind. Over the past thirty-nine years, I have engaged in many public speaking events, have been on local Georgia and Missouri radio and television shows, am a published author and have been featured in a number of newspaper articles. I love to write, and currently am the editor of our Missouri Guide Dog Users newsletter, Tails across Missouri. I also am serving as secretary for both Missouri Guide Dog Users and the Braille Revival League. In addition, I hold a member-at-large position on the United Workers for the Blind board.

As my term has just begun, there is not a lot yet to report. However, on November 1 president Denny Huff and I participated in an engagement, where we spoke to three groups of second and third grade students at Westridge Elementary School in Ballwin. The presentations were lots of fun, and the students had lots of good questions. I’m sure that they and their teachers went away with a better understanding of blindness, and they also learned about the Missouri Council of the Blind. I am looking forward to more presentations like this one, as well as many other activities to come, not only here in St. Louis but all over the state of Missouri!

I look forward to working with all of you to promote the name and mission of the Missouri Council of the Blind.

Public Relations Report :: September 2011

By Leroy Welch, Public Relations Chairman

This is my next to last report as my PR term will be up in October. I have enjoyed so much serving you in this capacity for 14 years out of my 30 years as a member of MCB.

I intend to run for Director of the Board, so please consider me for this office. I want to continue to serve you in this new capacity now as I enjoy so much serving MCB to help in any way.

I love MCB and have enjoyed attending Power-Up and Children’s Conferences. Also, attending affiliate special meetings over Missouri. I love meeting people and telling them about different things about MCB. Working for MCB is a pleasure.

I have served as representative on the Board for West Central Workers of the Blind in the past and county Line Council also on the MCB Board of Directors for 8 years previously. I was also Membership Chairman for 1-1/2 years.

I will try to do my part to help MCB continue to grow and make the best program in Missouri and elsewhere.

We attended the MCB Convention in October and handed out PR products.

In April we attended Power Up in Columbia and met many people and talked to them about MCB. Then we attended the Board Meeting in Joplin in April and gave out products there.

We have been on most of the conference calls and in May we attended Springfield White Cane Walk and handed out many products there.

We will be going to Joplin in the near future to help Linda Russell collect door prizes for the convention this year.

We will also be attending at bolivar – the Lake Stockton Auction and Dinner on August 6th and will hand out some more PR products.

Thanks so much to my committee, Linda Burris, a wonderful lady and helper. I appreciate working with such a lovely person and also, my wife Loretta. Then at the Convention in October at Joplin, we will hand out what products we have left over. We have sent out different products to some of the affiliates also.

Again, thanks so much for giving me this great opportunity over time. God Bless you all. We love you all.

Public Relations Report :: June 2011

By Leroy Welch, Public Relations Chairman

I have been very busy lately. My wife and I attended Power-Up at Columbia, Missouri on April 11 and 12. We met a lot of people and handed out a lot of PR products. We even had a few who want to join the MCB. We enjoy working for MCB in any way we can.

Then on April 15 we headed to Joplin for a Pre-Convention Committee Meeting at 2:00 and then April 16 was Spring Board Meeting. We handed out some products of PR to the different Board members. Also, a box of goods for Queen City.

I am to come down later with my wife and help a lady from Joplin collect door prizes for the convention in October. We will be attending Springfield Service Club White Cane Walk on May 21 and hand out some more PR products.

I want to thank Linda Burris for all her help in the past years on my PR Committee. She is a hard working and also a lovely lady. She is very much appreciated and has helped me a lot and also to my wife for the work she has done. We will write more later.

Public Relations Report :: September 2009

By Leroy Welch

Starting last October, we handed out lots of PR items at the MCB Convention. In November we attended the MCB board meeting. February brought a trip to Jefferson City for the MCB Legislative Days where we again handed out a number of items such as mini jotters, pamphlets and paper clips. This is always an enjoyable event every year. In April, we attended the Power Up Conference in Columbia, MO. We enjoyed meeting a lot of people and handed out such things as pamphlets, pens, paper clips, mini jotters and alphabet cards. In June we spent a lovely week at CobbleStone, and gave out a number of PR items there as well. In July we made the trip to Orlando, FL for the ACB Convention. Throughout the year, we have provided Denny with four boxes of PR items for distribution at various places.

It was a busy year, but we very much enjoyed every minute of working as the MCB public relations chairman. I will be running for this position again in October, and I very much hope you will consider giving me your vote.

Public Relations :: March 2009

Leroy Welch

This is my first report since I was elected as Public Relations chairman.  Thanks so much to those of you who voted for me for this position.

We love everyone, and our main concern is to work for the Missouri Council of the Blind in every way we can.

My wife and I attended the legislative days in Jefferson City last February.  We visited 23 or 24 representatives and senators.  We filled in for the MCB representatives who did not make it to the legislative days.  We love doing it!

On April 2nd and 3rd we attended the Children’s Conference in Columbia, and handed out a lot of P. R. material there.  Linda Gerken, and her mother, Mrs. Swopes, helped us out.

Then, later on in April, my wife and I attended the Power Up Conference at Tan-tar-a.  We had a booth there for 2 days, and handed out more P. R. material there.  Linda Burris and Linda Hailey also helped us.

In May we attended the White Cane Walk in Springfield.

June brought a week’s stay at summer camp.  Our daughter, Sarah, her husband, Kevin, and our grandson, Justin, joined us there, and we got to visit with many of our old friends.

We attended the ACB Convention in Louisville for one week in early July.  We took Leo and Donna Giger along with us, and had a good time.  We met a lot of new folks there, and enjoyed the exhibits.

It was a busy year, but we look forward to even a busier one this year.

If any affiliate would like us to be present at a particular function, or if any of you need some promotional items, just let us know and we’ll be glad to help in any way we can.  

I want to thank Linda Burris and my wife, Loretta, for all their help.  They have been invaluable.

May God bless you all.