Membership Committee

About the Committee

The purpose of the MCB membership committee is to increase the membership of MCB, throughout the statewide affiliates, Special Interest Affiliates, Members at Large, and the formation of new affiliates. The Membership Committee is responsible for helping existing affiliates in ways to increase their membership as well as offering a helping hand to those who are interested in forming new affiliates to do so. The committee is also responsible for the review and decision of Member at Large applications.

Members can get involved by encouraging their family, friends and, acquaintances to join and become involved in their local affiliates. Engaging members in the local affiliates is the best way to keep a member interested giving a member something to do that they enjoy. Don't be afraid to talk to people you may come across whether it is in the grocery store, the doctors office, the local senior center, or anywhere you might meet another visually impaired or blind individual. For more ideas on how you can increase your membership or form a new affiliate please feel free to contact any member of the Membership Committee.

Contact the Committee

  • Committee Chair - Jannel Morris
  • Committee Member - Judy Burch
  • Committee Member - Halley Korff

Committee News

Youth Services and Membership Committees :: September 2015

As most of you know, MCB is on a mission to get younger members involved in the organization. In order to do this, Youth Services and the Membership Committee have come up with a plan to host a youth night during convention. This will be a time for the younger members to get together, have fun, and have youth level discussions about MCB or other related issues. Therefore we are requesting assistance from all affiliates. If each affiliate would donate $25 dollars then this money could be used to purchase needed items for the youth night during convention and promoting MCB to younger members. We would prefer to have donations sent to the MCB office by September 1, 2015, but will of course take donations any time. Donations can be specially marked for Youth Services Youth Night. If you have any questions please contact Linda Gerkin or Jannel Morris.

Membership Memorandum :: March 2012

Greetings MCB! The Membership Committee, Gretchen Maune, Judy Burch, and Halley Korff, hope that you all are having a wonderful winter season. Since our significant Member-At-Large count keeps growing (we’ve even gotten several more since the last Chronicle), we will be working on getting them more involved, and doing our best to meet their needs.

Through contacting at-large members, directing them to affiliates in their area, and helping them to start new ones when there are none nearby, we hope to both ensure that they are receiving the information and services they need, as well as connect them more fully to the MCB family.

If you have questions, concerns, or ideas relating to membership, please email Gretchen Maune at or call her at 573-489-0986. Also, if you spend much time online, remember to like our page on Facebook and follow us on twitter at

Membership Madness! :: December 2011

By Gretchen Maune

Greetings from your Membership Committee Chair! We hope you’re all doing well. Here’s the news we announced in brief at the convention in Joplin:

The winners of the Summer Membership Contest were:

1st Place, St. Charles County Council of the Blind, with 6 new members.

2nd Place, Joplin Service Club of the Blind, 5 new members.

And 3rd Place, Capital City Council of the Blind, 4 new members.

As of September 1, MCB has 683 Total Members; 424 Blind or low-vision, 249 Sighted, and 10 with unknown vision, (we’ll try and find out).

Last year we had 645 total members, so we gained 38 this year!

We have 547 members in regular affiliates, 18 members who are only in Special Interest Affiliates, and 118 members-at-large. Because of this huge number, we will be working to direct these folks to affiliates in their area, (and if there isn’t one nearby, hopefully we can help start one up!)

Finally, we are working on establishing a Life-Time MCB Membership that would be able to be purchased to honor someone as a gift, or for oneself. We’re still working on this one, so be on the lookout for updates!