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This committee administers the Health Benefits program.

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Health Benefits Committee :: March 2016

This year we have not heard from very many of you, so that should mean that everyone is healthy and not had an accident. This is great, but if you get sick or have an accident please let us know. A check in the mail always makes you feel better if things are not going just right. Please let us know if we can help. Thanks.

Health Benefits :: December 2012

By Kenneth Carter

After a very enjoyable and fun convention, we are now into a new fiscal year with health benefits.  As a reminder from your Health Benefits Committee, please read your guidelines carefully before completing your applications.  We need proper dates of beginning illness and when a person can resume normal activity in determining the benefit.  Please note to determine the eligibility to receive benefit, we must deduct 8 days from beginning date of illness/injury shown on application before the Health Benefits Committee can make a determination.  Also, make sure the doctor signs and dates the form.  We are here to serve you.

Health Benefits Committee :: March 2012

By Ken Carter, Chairman

The Health Benefits Committee has been busy processing new applications for benefits and our funds are dwindling.

As a reminder, on the Physician's Statement, please be sure the date of initial illness and the date patient may resume normal activity is filled in properly. We need these dates in figuring the amount of benefit.

We are here to help you and glad to be of service to Missouri Council of the Blind.

Health Benefits :: June 2011

By Kenneth Carter, Chairman

The Health Benefits Committee has stayed busy processing applications.

As of this writing, the fund has been depleted until the start of the new fiscal year of September 1, 2011.

We are sorry no more applications can be processed until the new fiscal year begins.