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Composed of the President, Executive Director, and three other members appointed by the President, the Building  Committee is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the MCB Office Building.

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MCB Bylaws Article 11. Section 3.

Committee News

Building Committee :: September 2016

By Charles Johnson, Chair

The Building Committee is pleased to announce that the maintenance has been low cost this year. There have been meetings, seminars, dinners and pizza parties at the building. The committee consists of Angelo Trapasso, Jack Lenk, and Robert Vaughn. Feel free to plan your next event at your building.

Building Committee :: September 2015

By Charles Johnson, Building Committee Chairperson

The Building Committee has been busy hosting various activities such as an open house, meetings, game days and dinners. The building is in great shape and we are continuing to make more improvements. We welcome our new committee member Robert Vaughn. Robert has excellent ideas, is very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. A special thanks to other members Jack Lenk and Angelo Trapasso for their dedicated service. This is your building so please feel free to plan your future events here.

Building Committee Report :: September 2013

By Charles Johnson

The Building Committee has had several meetings, the president joined us for one meeting and that was truly an honor. The electrical was completed at the cost of $2,071.00. We have purchased an industrial drain cleaning machine for the outside drain due to flooding at the cost of $312.00. We have a new building contract with Jani-King cleaning services at the cost of $215.00 a month with a savings of $780.00 a year.

Building Committee :: June 2013

By Charles Johnson, Building Committee Chairperson

Welcome to the building. There is new green carpet in the lobby, front office, and hall. Upcoming events include various game days and social events. Please feel free to contact the building committee for your event to be held at the MCB building.

Building Committee :: December 2012

I want to introduce the Building Committee.  Charles Johnson is the Chairperson; Jack Lenk and Angelo Trapasso are Committee members.  A door has been placed at the entrance of the hall to secure the office and lobby.  Please feel free to contact the office if you need the conference room for upcoming events.