MCB Mission and Vision


To give every blind Missourian an opportunity to contribute socially and economically to society with the same expectations for success as all other Missourians.


The Purpose of the Missouri Council of the Blind is to promote the general well-being of our members and legally blind people in Missouri, and to support or participate in other programs promoting the best interests of legally blind people everywhere.

We work to fulfill our mission in three primary ways.

  1. Through our Seven Core ProgramsAll our programs can provide some level of financial assistance in one of seven areas.
    Whether a legally blind Missourian needs assistance purchasing specialized adaptive technology equipment or assisting a blind college student with extra expenses due to visual impairment or helping a blind child go to summer camp. We have a program to help.
    MCB Programs
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  2. Through Education and AdvocacyMembers of the blind community are affected by legislation and public policy every day. We work with local, state, and national government officials as well as business leaders to ensure the rights of the blind community are protected.
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  3.  Peer Mentorship and SupportWith our 15 local affiliates and 5 special interest affiliates, we can bring our members together in a personal supportive way.
    Read about our local affiliates and our special interest affiliates.

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